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Expandable Garden Hose – 50 ft Best Flexible Expanding Water Hose – 10 Function Spray Nozzle Set

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Expandable Garden Hose – 50 ft Best Flexible Expanding Water Hose – 10 Function Spray Nozzle Set – Solid Brass Fittings, Triple Latex Pipe, Strongest Green Webbing, Lightweight Kinkfree

YOU WANT a magic hose which can help you not only easy to do all kinds of watering jobs like showering your pets, washing your car, watering garden, or for your business establishment but also last long… WHG high-quality flexibility expanding hose is your right choice

The hose is capable of expanding to 3 times of its length with water and it can contract to its original length when you turn the water off so you can store it easily. Made with durable, pressure-resistant latex material, these hoses are safe for average water pressure and won’t burst, leak, or break. The solid brass is made from a premium polymer and copper fittings which will not break

This hose that is light, portable, flexible, kink-resistant to make your watering tasks easier. A ribbed inner core makes it extra strong and kink-resistant. This hose can be connected to any spray nozzle, sprinkler, or another garden hose.


The hose weighs less than 2.5 lbs and can be kept in a handy storage bag when not in use. Forget about trying to roll up a typical 50ft hose, and throw it over your shoulder or need to buy a hose reel. Our design is so light even a child can handle it and can hang on like a beautiful wreath decoration

Plus feature 10-way nozzle: Angle, Cone, Center, Flat, Full, Jet, Mist, Shower, Soaker, ½ Vert


Original length: 17 feet / expanding hose length: 50 feet

Package dimensions: 3.5″ x 3.5″ x 13.5″

Product weight: 1.85 lbs

Material: latex, brass, high-quality polyester cloth, PVC


1 x 50 ft expandable garden hose with copper connectors

1 x 10 patent spray nozzle

1 x Shut on / off valve

Manufacturer’s warranty, we provide a risk-free purchase to ensure that our customers know they’re buying the best

SAVE YOUR TIME – ENERGY – MONEY – LONGER USEFUL LIFE. Wonder Home Gardens Brand’s lightweight garden hose 50ft make gardening much easier. This shrinking retractable hose is light and heavy duty so it is last long, highly portable, no kink, automatically expands roll up & beautiful. Using this magic expandable hose for washing your car, pets or watering garden may become your enjoying jobs. This flexible hose can be used indoor/outdoor for all seasons, it’s very convenient and easy to use

NEWEST & UNIQUE DESIGN – MAKE WATERING SIMPLE & MORE EFFICIENT. WHG water hoses 50 ft expandable made from highest material quality, make the hoses strongest & flexible available. The expanding hoses never kink tangle twist, connect to a high-pressure valve on / off at their end. The toughest 5000*D polyester fabric, which can effectively protect the high-pressure resistance triple durable layers latex hosepipe. Secured by strong 3/4″ solid copper connectors, rubber pressure washer hose nozzle

10 FUNCTION LATEST UPGRADE GARDEN HOSE NOZZLE – UNIQUE & HEAVY DUTY GARDEN HOSE SPRAYER – Filtering function, durable, high-pressure water hose nozzle. Hardly find on the market, these hoses nozzles are designed to last and have a variety of features. With 10 ways water gun, whether you need a high-pressure jet to clean a hard surface or a soft shower to wash your pets, shower on flowers, mist setting for seedlings, 10 stream patterns with brass bullet hose will get your job done

SUPER EASY TO USE & STORE – SPACE EFFICIENT. This amazing water hose starts out 17 ft original length and automatically expands up to 3 times ( 50 feet ) with standard pressure (3-12 Bar) when water is turned on and shortens ( retract – roll up ) to its original length when the water is turned off, no leaks cracks or break. This shrinking hose is extremely light, short at original length so no reels needed, quick and easy connect or disconnect, can store in a small pocket or hang on a hose holder

SATISFACTION GUARANTEE. WHG strongest expandable garden hoses are designed and manufactured from selected high quality, sturdy materials, made its best functional, lightweight and last long. The WHG hose set is magic flex collapsible retractable hose set.

We provide a 100% RISK-FREE PURCHASE to ensure that our customers know they’re buying the best. Great gift for your parents, friends who love to take care of their home and gardening. EASY to BUY with GREAT SUPPORT. CLICK “ADD TO CART” now


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