2-in-1 Facial Steamer And Nano Water Spray Set, Nano Ionic Face St… | $22.99


2-in-1 Facial Steamer And Nano Water Spray Set, Nano Ionic Face St…

Warm Notice: 1.Before using the steamer for the first time, please let it run with a full tank of water for removing a new plastic smell . 2.Distilled water and purified water only, keep your face 7-8 inches away while steaming. 3. Do not move the steamer freely during use. 4. It will turn off automatically when the water runs out. 5.Cool the steamer down for 10 minutes after usage, then discard the water in the tank. 6.Normal skin is advise to use twice or three times a week, while sensitive skin is advise to use once a week, do not use over 8 mins, and only use one time for one day.

【NANO IONIC FACIAL STEAMER】CICA-ONE steamer for face provides professional spa experience. Facial steamer generates warm gentle nano steam combined with ionic water particles which are up to 10x more effective in moisturizing skin. It can open pores, deeply moisturizes, lighten skin tone, improve metabolism and prevents skin aging.
【MINI COLD MIST WATER SPRAY】CICA-ONE mini portable water spray can generates a cooling nano-ionic steam to help smooth and repair sensitive skin while moisturizing dry skin. Convenient design of small size,USB charge,make facial spa available everywhere.
【DESIGINED FOR FACIAL SKIN HEALTH】CICA-ONE face steamer and spray set maximize the effect of moisturizing and can be used on all parts of the body, face, hair, eyelashes etc. Face steamer is made of environmental friendly material, has a good overall performance, and is flame resistant.
【WHATS IN THE BOX】1 CICA-ONE facial steamer,1 CICA-ONE nano-ionic water spray, 1 measuring cup, 1 power cable,1 USB charging line and instruction.

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