Screwdriver set with emergency light,Camping tool lamp,Multifuncti | $21.88

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Screwdriver set with emergency light,Camping tool lamp,Multifuncti

Multifunctional camping tool lamp, outdoor household camping lamp tool set, portable lamp hardware tool set, dual lighting, white light lighting, red light warning, multiple functions and multiple uses. Many functions, easy to carry

X340 camping light with toolbox, multifunctional lighting system, high-brightness 6LED white light illumination function + 4LED red warning function
Built-in handle, sleeve, drill bit, utility knife and other tools, easy to operate and use. The internal tools are: 6 drive sockets, 1 measure t ape rule, 1 utility knife, 2 hex key wrenches, 1 screwdriver handle, 2 precision screwdrivers, 2 sleeve nuts
Smooth and transparent lampshade design greatly enhances the product texture and more uniform light transmission
The whole body is made of high-strength engineering plastics, which is light and portable, with a curved plastic handle, which is ergonomic, wear-resistant and non-slip
It is easy to use indoors and outdoors, the appearance is stable and generous, and the hand feels comfortable. Suitable for outdoor activities and home use

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