Manicure Set Stainless Steel Tweezers, Nail Clipper, Nail File, Sc… | $5.99

Manicure Set Stainless Steel Tweezers, Nail Clipper, Nail File, Sc…

INDRODUCING THE LADIES: The cosmetics sandal with pink interior is our “Lady In Black”, sandal with Purple interior is our “SASSY BRUNETTE”, sandal with green interior is our “PRECIOUS DIVA”, and the sandal with the blue interior is our “ STUNNING BLONDE”. All of them are available on Amazon just search for PrimePac to show them all. These manicure pedicure tools are fun, and a must have cosmetics item for every woman. Each grooming kit closes with a zipper to keep the manicure set protected.
THE PERFECT GIFT: The extraordinary style and elegance make this nail care set the perfect nails kit gift. Beauty supplies for nails are a nice way to make a lasting impression. The carrying case has functionality and style, and the nail accessories are of good quality. Nail art tools can be used for pedicure and manicure alike.
NAILS KIT: They are important nail care tools for everyday life. From trimming cuticles and toenails to filing or cutting nails. You can use this beauty travel kit for your perfect nail care system or nail spa because it supplies the four most important nail tool products. You can be sure that the good quality of these health and personal care beauty tools will last and remain beautiful for a long time.
ADDITIONAL FEATURE: This beauty travel kit includes eyebrow tweezer usually not a standard tool in a manicure kit. This not only gives you perfect nails it will also give you perfect eyebrows. Hygiene is an important part in our daily life’s, and with this gorgeous painted bath accessory set showing off your new fancy nail tools is something you can be proud of. Memorial Day Sale

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