Gourmet Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Basket in White Box (12 Piece Assor | $28.95

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Gourmet Dried Fruit & Nut Gift Basket in White Box (12 Piece Assor

Nut Cravings brings you the yummiest variety and quality of nuts in our Green & White Gift Box – 12 Fruits & Nuts Mix.
Our snacks not only come in a sturdy cardboard tray that makes it easier to share them with friends and family, but they’re also packaged in an elegant green, white, and gold themed box that will definitely impress your gift recipients.

Want to know exactly what’s in our delicious Green & White Gift Box? Take a look at these 12 delicious snacks:
– Dried Peaches
– Dried Plums
– Dried Pinneaples
– Dried Cranberries
– Dried Pears
– Almonds
– Dried Kiwis
– Dried Papayas
– Pistachios
– Dried Apples
– Dried Dates
– Dried Appricots

We know what really counts is what’s on the inside. But let’s be honest, we do care about the outside as well, right? Well, have you heard about our Top ‘NUTch’ Packaging?

– 🎁 Secure and durable cardboard box.
– 🎁 Elegant white, green, and gold packaging.

“And what about your story”, you may ask.

So… Nut Cravings is a company based in New York cofounded 215 by Lewis Cooper and his wife, Lindsay. The Cooper’s founded Nut Cravings with the idea of mixing the two things they were most passionate about: travelling the world, and snacking.

Lewis, our CEO, claims “when you travel as much and often as we do, snacking becomes a great part of your life”.

Today, Nut Cravings commitment to our consumers is to deliver the best and most delicious nuts and dried fruit in the market. We grow our snacks globally to make sure that they grow fresh and capture the different flavors of their origin lands, and then we pack them fresh in New York to ensure that they follow our strict quality and flavor standards.
Happy Gifting

AN AFFORDABLE BUT ELEGANT PRESENT: Buying presents is usually pretty stressful. When you think you’ve found the perfect gift, it’s expensive. When you find an affordable one, you don’t like it as much. Lucky for you our Green & White Gift Box is both high-end and affordable, exactly what you were looking for!
TOP ‘NUTCH’ PACKAGING WITH GOLD STAMPING: High-end Green & White packagin featuring elegant gold stamping. Plus, our nuts and dried fruits come in a sturdy cardboard tray that makes it easy for you to share them with the people you love.
NUTRITIOUS & HEALTHY: Can snacks really be both delicious and healthy at the same time? Yes, they can. Our snacks are both mouthwatering and a great source of proteins, protective antioxidants, fiber, enzymes, and immunity-boosting vitamins.
NUTTIN’ SAYS PROUD BETTER: We’re so proud of our BDMC Kosher Certified (Beth Din Minchas Chinuch Tartikov) nuts and so sure that you or your gift recipient are going to love them, that if you’re not 1% satisfied we’ll issue a 1% refund, no questions asked.

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