GOHOO PET Cat Tunnels Cats Play Interactive Toys Collapsible Pop-u | $24.99

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GOHOO PET Cat Tunnels Cats Play Interactive Toys Collapsible Pop-u

Know more about your cat?
Firstly, cats are natural hunters. Playtime replicates the four-step process of observe, stalk, chase and pounce that is part of a cat’s intuitive hunting routine. Toys with feathers, crinkle sounds, or realistic sounds trigger a cat’s hunting instinct and help satisfy this natural desire with kinder ‘prey.’
Secondly, cats in the wild have predators and prey to motivate them to run and jump. Exercise is important to keep cats mentally alert, physically fit and at a healthy weight. The Crackle Chute keeps them on their toes and provides vigorous activity while simultaneously keeping them entertained.
Third, we all love cats, I think they are smart, an elf in the life. They could think, like playing and have dreams. We could help them to have more dreams.
Cat tunnel make kitty’s life colorful!
1. Cat play tunnel peep hole and swinging bell toy. Encourages exercise and adds more entertaining for your cat or kitten.
2. Crackly tunnels and crinkly sounds help your curious cats satisfy their need to explore and investigate.
3. Hideaway makes them happily and enjoys the life.
4. Lightweight and collapsible, save space and easy to carry, take entertainment anywhere. Take cat tunnel to travel with your cats.

SAFE AND STURDY STRUCTURE: Strong &solid spring structure-sprung steel frame pops out and retracts easily for portable fun and easy storage.
A BETTER INTERACTIVE TOY : This cat tunnel is designed for all cats, puppies, rabbits to play in.
CONNECT WITH OTHER TUNNELS : Connect together with others GOHOO PET tunnels with crinkle paper. More fun and durable hideaway for entertainment, training, exercise and running.
DIMENSION : Length 47.2″ Diameter 9.8″ inch. We have single 1-way, S-way tunnel and 1-way & S-way tunnel set. Choose the one you like more, give your baby cat a joyful world!

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