Bundle Deal: Fail-Safe RangeStud 15 W FM Transmitter + RangeMax … | $469.99

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Bundle Deal: Fail-Safe RangeStud 15 W FM Transmitter + RangeMax …

The RangeStud 15 W FM Dual Mode FM Transmitter (CZH-15A), is perfect for wireless broadcasting music, audio, or voice throughout the entire FM radio band to any FM receivers in its path. F-S Electronics RangeStud, adjustable between High or Low Modes (H=20 Watts or L=3 Watts) Now it also permits users to adjust the power output to short range applications that require a little less power. The new adjustable power feature, allows farmers and large estates, churches and charitible organizations, and school organizations the ability to cover their entire application area without deadspots. Whether you want to cover just a couple city blocks, cover your entire campus, or cover several miles, the RangeStud is the solution for you. The beauty of the RangeStud is not only its reasonable compact design, but also its low net project cost of only $345.95, its ease of assembly, and its portability! . Within a couple minutes to a couple of hours of setup you could have your MP3 collection, your satellite music, your Christmas music, or your favorite Internet stream reaching everywhere in your house, everywhere on your large estate, and even to the cars on the road. – The RangeMax 1/2 Wave Ground Plane FM Antenna is made for broadcast professionals coupling a unique, omnidirectional co-linear design and easy assembly with the same durability of all Fail Safe products are known for. We recommend the RangeMax for broadcasting applications from 1 Watt all the way up to 150 Watts and offers a 3.5 dBi gain boost perfect for low power professional FM broadcasting. We recommend this antenna to anyone looking to take their FM transmitter's range to the limits! Specifications: Size: 70″ L x 70″ W (3/4″ to 1″ Mast) Gain: 3.5 dBi Frequency range: 95.5 MHz to 100.5 MHz (Center Frequency 98Mhz) Power max.: 150 Watts Connector: PL-259

Audio and MIC Volume Adjustments
Crystal Clear Stereo Sound
Comes with 30 foot Standard N-Type 50 Ohm Cable, and Adaptor

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